Project manager guide (Project Service)


Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation has evolved into Dynamics 365 Project Operations. For more information, see Project Service Automation Transition.

Applies to Project Service app versions 2.x and 1.x

Project Service capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement help you create project quotes and contracts, and create and manage projects for your clients after you’ve won the contract. They also provides analytics to help you ensure projects are feasible and profitable. You can set up projects on a time and materials or fixed-price basis.

Project management tools help you to:

  • Effectively estimate work

  • Forecast resource requirements when projects are in the pipeline

  • Enable team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times

  • Proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement.

This guide provides information you need to create and manage projects:


If you haven't already, you’ll need to complete the following items before you can start creating projects:

  • Create a work hours template. Set up a project calendar that defines the number of working hours to accommodate per day in the schedule and any business closures.

  • Create a price list. Set cost and sales prices for resource roles in your organization, as well as for other categories like expenses and products.

  • Add resource roles. Define roles to help determine resource requirements and project costs.

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