View resource availability (Project Service)

Applies to Project Service app versions 2.x and 1.x

You can check resource availability to get an overall view of how booked your resources are, or you can filter the view by skills, team, location, and other options.


This feature is supported in Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1. Interested in getting this feature? Find your Dynamics 365 administrator or support person

If you are using an newer version, for resource availability see, Schedule resources for a project (Project Service Automation).

  1. Go to Project Service > Resource Availability.

    This shows a calendar view of all resources and their availability. Select a view or sort order from the top of the screen. You can also select whether to show availability for the Day, Week, or Month, and use the arrows to view the previous or next time period. Use the search box to find a specific resource.

  2. Click Options to change what displays. For example, you can show a legend that shows the color scheme for the different types of bookings, or you can choose to show only a certain type of booking (for example, hard booking or soft booking).

  3. Click Filter to display the Filter pane, which lets you filter your results by organizational unit, role, skill, or other attributes.

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