Released versions of Microsoft Dataverse

Latest version availability

The table below gives an overview of the current version and next version of Microsoft Dataverse for your organization. If you would like to review the release notes for any release just click on the version number for either current or next. To find the window that your next scheduled update will occur in please click here.

Note - This page is updated every Tuesday.

Note- Occasionally a Service Update will be canceled and all associated fixes will be rolled into a subsequent Service Update. For this reason, Service Update numbers may not always increase incrementally.

Station Region Current Version Scheduled Date Next Version
Station 1 First Release Service Update 9.2.22082.00126 08/18/22 Service Update 9.2.22083.00110
Station 2 South America, Canada, India, France, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland Service Update 9.2.22081.00162 08/19/22 Service Update 9.2.22082.00126
Station 3 Japan, Asia Pacific, Great Britain, Oceana, United Arab Emirates, Government Community Cloud - High Service Update 9.2.22074.00156 08/19/22 Service Update 9.2.22081.00162
Station 4 Europe Service Update 9.2.22073.00182 08/19/22 Service Update 9.2.22074.00156
Station 5 North America Service Update 9.2.22072.00186 08/19/22 Service Update 9.2.22073.00182
Station 6 DoD, Government Community Cloud, China Service Update 9.2.22071.00178 08/12/22 Service Update 9.2.22072.00186


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Release Waves

We have published the 2022 release wave 1 plans for Dynamics 365, a compilation of new capabilities that will be released April 2022 through September 2022. The 2022 release wave 2 plans will be provided once the documentation is ready. The new features and enhancements demonstrate our continued investment to power digital transformation for our customers and partners.

We’ve done this work to help our partners, customers, and users—drive the digital transformation of your business on your terms. Get ready and learn more about the latest product updates and plans, and share your feedback in the community forum for Dynamics 365.


Service updates are separate from the Release Wave deployments.

All version availability

Service update/version Worldwide availability
9.2.22083.00110-Service Update 22083 August 2022
9.2.22082.00126-Service Update 22082 August 2022
9.2.22081.00162-Service Update 22081 August 2022
9.2.22074.00156-Service Update 22074 July 2022
9.2.22073.00182-Service Update 22073 July 2022
9.2.22072.00186-Service Update 22072 July 2022
9.2.22071.00178-Service Update 22071 July 2022
9.2.22064.00204-Service Update 22064 July 2022
9.2.22063.00196-Service Update 22063 June 2022
9.2.22062.00200-Service Update 22062 June 2022
9.2.22061.00186-Service Update 22061 June 2022
9.2.22055.00196-Service Update 22055 May 2022
9.2.22054.00152-Service Update 22054 May 2022
9.2.22053.00148-Service Update 22053 May 2022
9.2.22052.00153-Service Update 22052 May 2022
9.2.22051.00146-Service Update 22051 May 2022
9.2.22044.00149-Service Update 22044 April 2022
Service Update/Version Worldwide availability
9.2.22043.00153-Service Update 22043 April 2022
9.2.22042.00158-Service Update 22042 April 2022
9.2.22041.00160-Service Update 22041 April 2022
9.2.22034.00155-Service Update 22034 April 2022
9.2.22033.00158-Service Update 22033 March 2022
9.2.22032.00153-Service Update 22032 March 2022
9.2.22031.00146-Service Update 22031 March 2022
9.2.22024.00154-Service Update 22024 March 2022
9.2.22023.00152-Service Update 22023 February 2022
9.2.22022.00137-Service Update 22022 February 2022
9.2.22021.00132-Service Update 22021 February 2022
9.2.22015.00131-Service Update 22015 February 2022
9.2.22014.00133-Service Update 22014 January 2022
9.2.22013.00143-Service Update 22013 January 2022
9.2.22012.00140-Service Update 22012 January 2022
9.2.21123.00176-Service Update 21123 January 2022
9.2.21122.00158-Service Update 21122 December 2021


We are working on new ways to bring transparency into our weekly deployments. If you have any feedback, please fill out our survey, and share your thoughts!