Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Service Update 21051 Release Notes

Service Update 21051 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.2.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 21051.


Note: Service Update naming convention has been revised to clarify the link between the version number and Service Update number. For example, Service Update 150 will now correspond to version number 150xx. Occasionally a Service Update will be canceled and all associated fixes will be rolled into a subsequent Service Update. For this reason, Service Update numbers may not always increase incrementally.

Update package Version number
Service Update 21051 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.2.0 9.2.21051.00140

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

An (*) at the end of a fix statement denotes that this repair item was incorporated into multiple service update releases.

Service Update 21051 resolves the following issues:

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.


  • In the Customer Service Hub, when using keyboard navigation, focus could not reach active cases table grid call checkboxes.
  • The accessibility screen reader did not announce the change of state when selecting “Set as Default" and "Clear Default” in the Customer Service Workspace app.

Platform Services

  • Plugins were not displayed when attempting to associate them with a custom API.
  • When attachment sync for appointments was enabled, any future appointment from D365 that contained an attachment and an attendee would not contain an attachment after performing a sync operation.
  • When modifying a new workflow, the assigned workflow owner was not maintained and the workflow creator was listed as the owner.
  • When creating or modifying an appointment record in Outlook, the appointment was internmittently not synced with Exchange.
  • When creating a new meeting with duplicate attendees, the synchronization process became continuous and the duplicates were not removed.*

Unified Interface

  • When opening an opportunity record within a business process flow (BPF), the stage icons were not visible.
  • When creating a new record and navigating away before the page finishes loading, text fields using rich text were set to the default height settings, rather than calculating the correct content height.
  • The “Set Active” pop up had remained opened after moving to the next stage in a Business Process Flow.
  • When creating a phone activity and selecting the close activity command button, the "Close" button was labeled as "Button_Label_CloseActivity."*
  • When opening a case record, content in the productivity pane was not visible.
  • When a critical update notification was displayed on mobile devices, the message did not maintain local language settings.
  • After modifying the date control for a form and saving, recent modifications were not reflected in the form, on mobile devices.
  • The opportunity record form was unresponsive when switching processes and selecting the "save and close" button.
  • When attempts to retrieve Timeline Records failed, the menu loaded continuously instead of displaying an error message.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.


  • An error occurred in the trackbar when opening and closing recipient cards.
  • An error occurred when opening the Dynamics App for Outlook Desktop client for users with the Outlook MSI version.


  • An error occurred when creating an occurrence with break instead of a recurrence within a resource calendar.

Unified Interface

  • When opening an account record, the ribbon menu experienced slow loading and did not appear for an extended amount of time.

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