Capture forecast category for opportunity

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The forecast category is used to determine the confidence level of an opportunity as it moves along the path to conversion. Forecasting shows how many opportunities are in the pipeline and which of those are committed, delivering actionable insights.

  1. In the site map, select Opportunities.

  2. In the list of opportunities, open an opportunity for which you want to capture the forecast category.

  3. In the Forecast Category drop-down list, select one of the following, and then select Save:

    • Pipeline. The confidence of winning this opportunity is low. Any opportunity that a sales rep has just started to work on can be set to this category (this is the default value).

    • Best case. The sales rep has started talking to customers or has shared quotes, and there is a moderate chance of winning the opportunity.

    • Committed. The customer has committed to closing the deal.

    • Omitted. To exclude an opportunity’s numbers from the forecast.

    • Won. If an opportunity is closed as won.

    • Lost. If an opportunity fails and is closed as lost.

      Capture forecast category on an opportunity

Sync opportunity status with forecast category

To ensure that the forecast is projecting proper values, we recommend that you create a workflow to sync the opportunity status with the forecast category. Currently, when an opportunity’s state is changed to Won or Lost, the forecast category remains unchanged.

To create a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365 Sales and go to the Sales Hub app.

  2. On the Sales Hub page, go to Select Settings > Advanced Settings.

    A new tab opens with the Business Management settings page.

  3. On the site map, select Settings > Process Center > Processes.

    The processes page opens.

  4. Select + New.

    The Create Process dialog box opens.

    Create Process dialog box

  5. Enter basic information for the workflow process and select OK:

    • Process Name: Name the process workflow.

    • Entity: Select Opportunity.

    • Category: Select Workflow.

    The process configuration page opens.

    Configure process flow page

  6. Select Start when as Record status changes to automatically start the workflow when the status of an opportunity changes.

    Select Start when option as Record status changes

  7. Select Add Step > Check Condition to add conditions on how the value should change when the condition is true.

    Add condition

  8. Define the condition as follows for the step:

    • Description: Enter a description for the step. For example, Sync opportunity status with forecast category.

    • If condition: Define the If condition as Opportunity Status is Equal to Won. After you save the If condition, define what should happen when the condition is true through the Then condition.

      Define If condition

    • Then condition: Select Add Step > Update Record. Enter the description and then select Set Properties. Go to the Additional Fields section and select Forecast category as Won.

      Select Forecast category as Won

  9. Select the previous If condition step (here it is Won) and select Conditional Branch. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for Lost.

    Add conditional branch

  10. Following steps 7 to 9, create a new step when the opportunity is reverted back to Open that changes the forecast category to Pipeline.

    Add If condition for pipeline

  11. Save and close the workflow process.

    The workflow process to automatically sync opportunity status with forecast category is created.

To learn more about creating a workflow, see Use Workflow processes to automate processes that don't require user interaction.

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