Customize the business card scanner control

Dynamics 365 Sales comes with an out-of-the-box business card control that defines the mapping of what information from the business card goes in which fields of the Contact or Lead forms. If you have custom fields on your Contact or Lead form and you want the data from the business card to be populated in these fields, edit the default mappings of the business card control.


To edit the mappings:

  1. In your app, select the Settings icon, and then select Advanced Settings.

    Advanced Settings option on the Settings menu

    The Business Management page opens.

  2. On the navigation bar, select Settings, and then under Customization, select Customizations.

  3. Select Customize the System.

  4. Under Components in the solution explorer, expand Entities, and then expand the Contact or Lead entity.

  5. Select Forms.

    Forms node of Contact entity in the solution explorer

  6. Open the form of type Quick Create.

  7. Locate and select the Business Card field on the form, and select Change Properties in the Edit group.

    Scan business card field in the Contact form

  8. In the Field Properties dialog box, select AI Builder Business Card control on the Control tab.

    Business card scanner control in the Field Properties dialog box

  9. Select the property that you want to change the mapping for, and select the Edit icon Edit icon to change the value the field maps to.

  10. When done, select OK.


Sales people must have the Common Data Service User role assigned to them to use the business card scan control.

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