Enable customization of the Opportunity Close form

To allow users in your organization to capture more relevant details about an opportunity closing, a system administrator can enable the customization of the Opportunity Close form.


The capability to customize the Opportunity Close form is supported only in the sales app built on Unified Interface.

To enable customization:

  1. In your app, on the navigation bar, select the Settings icon Settings icon on the navigation bar, and then select Advanced Settings.

    The Business Management settings page opens in a new browser tab.

  2. On the navigation bar, select Settings, and then select Administration.

  3. Select System Settings.

  4. In the System Settings dialog box, on the Sales tab, set the Customize close opportunity form field to Yes.

    Customize opportunity close option in System Settings

  5. Select OK.

If you're using a custom app, in addition to enabling the customization of opportunity close form, you must also add the Opportunity Close entity to the custom app in the app designer. For more information, see Add Opportunity Close entity to the custom app module to learn how to add to entity to the app.


With the April 2020 release, this setting is also available in the App Settings area of the Sales Hub app itself. To go to this setting:

  1. At the bottom of the site map, select Change area Icon to change the work area and then select App Settings.
  2. In the site map, select Overview, and on the Overview page, select Manage for Collect additional details about closed opportunities using custom form fields on the closing form.

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