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Records and regarding entities can be accessed from the home page or the Meetings page.

  • On the home page, go to the Recent records section.
  • On the Meetings page, go to the Regarding section.

You can view details and edit records and entities on records on the home and Meetings pages. Additionally, you can change a regarding entity and add a regarding entity on the Meetings page.

View details


  • The fields that you see on the compact form are defined in the quick view form of the entity.
  • The lightweight view doesn't include all attributes of the entity.
  • This is a lightweight form that contains any attributes defined in the first form on quick view form set order. More information: Set the form order

You can view the details of records in the following ways:

On the home page

The home page displays a list of records that you have recently accessed. These records include opportunities, leads, contacts, quotes, accounts, and notes. When you tap the record, the record opens in a lightweight form. This form provides the basic details, including related notes and reminders.

On the Meetings page

The Meeting details page displays the regarding entity that is related to the meeting. Also, the notes and insights that are displayed in the meeting are related to the displayed regarding entity. Tap Open record type to view the details in the lightweight form. The details include basic information about the entity, related notes, and reminders.


To learn more about notes, go to Manage notes.

Edit records and entities

Follow these steps to edit records and entities in the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app.

  • To edit records on the home page, open the record. In the upper-right corner of the quick view form, tap Edit. Edit the details in the Edit form and tap Save. To open the record in the Sales Hub app, tap Open record type.

    Quick view form opened from the home page

  • To quickly edit the basic information about the regarding entity on the Meetings page, tap the three dots, More options (Options button), and then tap Quick edit. The record's Edit form opens. Enter or update the required information, and then tap Save.

    Tap quick edit option

    To edit the whole record, tap Open record type. The record opens in the Sales Hub app for editing.

Notes and reminders


Notes displayed in the Notes section are related to the regarding entity that is associated with the meeting. You can add, edit, and delete notes. More information: Manage notes


You can see the reminders through insight cards based on the regarding entity that is associated with the meeting. By tapping the three dots, More options (Options button), on the card, you can take actions such as dismiss, snooze, and like or dislike the card. The cards are retrieved from your Dynamics 365 Sales organization for the selected regarding entity.

The following reminder insight cards are supported:

{activity} due todayBuying intent detected in emailClose date coming soon
Competitor mentionedEmail openedEmail reminder
File requestedIssue detectedMeeting requested
Missed (opportunity) closed dateMissed emailNo activity with {record type}
Opportunity at risk (phrase detection)Opportunity at risk (sentiment detection)Suggested stakeholder

To learn more about insight cards, go to Insight cards reference.

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