Get started using Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Start here to onboard quickly and learn about the Sales Professional app and its user interface.

Go to the Sales Professional app

  1. Sign in to Office 365, select the Office 365 app launcher, and then select Dynamics 365.

    Office 365 App Launcher pane


    The selection of apps available to you in the app launcher will depend on your subscription.

  2. On the Dynamics 365 home page, select Sales Professional.

    Tile for Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Find your way around the app

The Sales Professional app is designed so that you can access the tools and customer data you need quickly when you need them.

The navigation bar (or nav bar) at the top of every screen includes buttons for common tasks like searching for customer data or entering records. The nav bar also includes access to tools that help you manage your deals, such as a guided task flow that walks you through common sales tasks.

Search, task flow, Quick create, Advanced Find, Personal options, and Help menu on the nav bar

Command bar item 1 Search customer data.
Command bar item 2 Run a task flow for step-by-step walkthroughs of common tasks, such as updating customers' contact info or managing appointments.
Command bar item 3 Quickly create customer data by filling in a minimum number of fields.
Command bar item 4 With Advanced Find, find the records that you need ot export them to Excel to analyze, summarize or aggregate data.
Command bar item 5 Set personal preferences and access privacy statement.
Command bar item 6 Get help.

Site map on the side

Select the Site map icon to see a list of all your options in one place, including access to communication tools like email and customer records, your calendar, and settings. You’ll also find quick access to any favorite customers you’ve pinned and to your recent work, so you don’t have to waste time backtracking.

Site map showing links to the recent and pinned items, sales records, sales settings, and area switcher

Menu item 1 Open or collapse the site map.
Menu item 2 Access the recent items you've worked on or the customers you've pinned.
Menu item 3 Access everything that you need to communicate with customers, manage your sales-related records, and so on..
Menu item 4 Go to Sales Settings.
Menu item 5 Switch between Sales and Training area.

Understand the data in the app

Every day, you’ll work with different customer records and record types as you move customers through your business processes, collecting the data you need to fill in the fields for their records—and ultimately to win their business.

  • What’s a record? In Dynamics 365, a record is a complete unit of information, such as all the information about a single contact. You can think of it as a row in a table. For example, each time you add a new account to the app, you’re creating a new record in the Sales Professional app.

  • What’s a record type? Each record you add to the system belongs to a certain record type, such as an account, contact, lead, or opportunity.

Quick Create—enter new records fast

The Quick Create command makes it fast and easy to enter almost any type of information into the system. The command is on the nav bar, so it’s available whenever you need to enter new info into the system.

With Quick Create, you need to complete only a few fields. Later, when you have more time or more information, you can fill in more details.

  1. On the nav bar, select New Icon for Quick Create, and then select the item you want.

  2. Fill in the fields, and then select Save.

Business processes in Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Business processes help everyone follow best practices, even when handling situations that don’t occur very often. You complete a step by entering data or marking the step completed in the process bar at the top of the screen. When all the steps are done, you can move on to the next stage.

The following ready-to-use business processes are available that you can use as you move your leads through a sales process:

  • Lead to invoice. This business process flow is available for:
    • All leads.
    • Opportunities created from leads
  • Opportunity sales process. This business process flow is available for:
    • All directly created opportunities (not originating from lead) forms

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