Manage tasks, appointments, email, or phone calls in Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Keep track of all your customer communications with activities in Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. For example, you can send email, make phone calls, set up appointments, and assign yourself tasks as you work a sale. These actions are all considered types of activities.

The system automatically time stamps every activity and shows who created it. You and other people on your team can scroll through the activities to see the history as you work with a customer.

To get the most out of your Sales app, it’s important for everyone in the organization to track all their customer interactions by adding an activity for every email, phone call, task, or appointment. That way, a customer’s history is complete.

Find your activities

  1. In the site map, select Activities.

    Select activities in site map

  2. From the view list, select a view to see activities for one of the following activity types:

    • Task

    • Appointment

    • Email

    • Phone Call

    Select a view from the View list

Filter the list of activities

You can filter the list of activities to see only the ones you’re interested in. For example, filter the list to see closed tasks, or to see emails that you've sent.

  1. Go to the activity list. For example, to see the emails that you've sent, in the site map, select Activities, and then in the View list, select My Sent Email.

  2. Select the arrow next to the view name at the top of the page, and select the My Sent Emails view.

Drop-down list to select a view

Add a new activity for a customer

Most often, you’ll want to add an activity associated with a contact, opportunity, account, or other type of record to help you keep track of all the communication history you have with a customer. (You can also add an activity for yourself.)

As your organization’s relationship with a customer develops over time, you and other people on your team can look through the activity feed as you work with the customer and see the history of your interactions.

  1. Open the record you want to add the activity to.

  2. In the Timeline section, select +, and select the type of activity you want to add.

Add an activity for yourself

Add a task or note for yourself when you want a reminder to do something personal, like schedule a doctor’s appointment or attend a sporting event.

Otherwise, to keep a history of your interactions with a customer, you should add new activities that are associated with a customer’s record so that they become part of the history that other people on your team can view.

  1. In the site map, select Activities.

  2. On the command bar, select an activity type—for example, Task.

    Command bar button for creating a new activity type Task

  3. Fill in the fields, and then select Save.

Mark an activity complete

After you call someone, complete a task, send an email, or go to an appointment, you can mark the activity for that action as completed.

  1. Open the activity.

  2. On the command bar, select Mark Complete.

    Command bar button to mark an activity complete

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