Adaptive learning based on changes to organization’s sentiment values


Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

Microsoft Social Engagement now uses adaptive learning to gain information about your edits and confirmations on sentiment values. With adaptive learning, every edit on the sentiment value of posts contributes to the way that sentiments are determined for your organization.

To manage adaptive learning in Social Engagement, you need to be a Social Engagement Administrator. Every user role in Social Engagement is able to edit the sentiment value of a post. More information: Understand user roles


Edited and confirmed sentiment values only apply to your organization database. Edits and confirmations performed on other organizations’ databases have no impact on how the sentiment is determined for your organization.

Activate or deactivate machine learning for your organization

By default, machine learning is active for your organization, but you can turn it off at any time.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings.

  2. In the list, click Sentiment.

  3. On the Sentiment pane, clear the Adaptive learning check box.

  4. Click Save Save button.

Your organization’s sentiment analysis no longer learns from your users’ edits.

To turn machine learning on, select the Adaptive learning check box and click Save Save button. Your organization’s sentiment analysis will now be able to learn from your users’ edits.

Reset your organization’s sentiment analysis

If you aren’t happy with the results of the sentiment analysis, you can always reset your organization’s sentiment analysis to the system default. This will discard all previously made edits and confirmations to sentiment values, and restart the learning from the system default.

You need to be a Social Engagement Administrator to perform this task.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings.

  2. In the list, click Sentiment.

  3. On the Sentiment pane, click Reset.


If you restart the learning for the sentiment analysis, you’ll find the date of the restart at the bottom of the page when you go to Global Settings > Sentiment.


There’s no way of undoing this reset. Use this functionality careful to avoid accidental loss of all your users’ edits and confirmation to sentiment values.


If you compare several months of Sentiment KPI, make sure that you account for the matured sentiment calculation when comparing the findings.

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