Gain insights from public conversations


Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

Get detailed content analytics and understand data about most-used phrases, their volume, sources of these conversations, and sentiment.

In Social Engagement, go to Analytics > Conversations to access the conversations page.

Screenshot of the conversations page in the Analytics area of Social Engagement


Lists the most popular hashtags in the content of posts in your current data set.

Dynamic widget. Shows only if hashtags are found in posts. Hashtags are available for Instagram and YouTube.


Lists the number and distribution of intentions (or intention tags) that were assigned to posts using the automated intention analysis and their trend indicator.


Lists the five most-used languages based on the volume of posts and the trend indicator.


Lists frequently mentioned phrases, based on the posts of your current data set. A phrase appears larger if it is mentioned often.

Phrases history

Visualizes the most-mentioned phrases in the current data set by volume over time.

Phrases on [top source]

Lists significant phrases in the source with the most posts. The size is based on the volume of the phrases in the source.


Visualizes the sentiment index across all posts with a sentiment value in the selected data set. It also shows the change in sentiment index compared to the last similar time frame, along with a trend indicator.
You can manually change the sentiment values if a post sentiment is analyzed incorrectly.

Dynamic widget. Shows only if the data set contains posts with a sentiment value.


Shows the number of posts in the most active sources, and summarizes how many posts were found in other sources.
Click the Full view button Full view button to expand the widget for more details.


Shows the distribution of custom tags in your current data set. The Full view mode offers the top 100 tags.

Dynamic widget. Shows only if at least one post in your data is tagged with a custom tag or an auto tag.


Intentions are not included in this widget. They are only displayed in the Intentions widget.

Lists significant phrases in the current data set, based on their trend indicator.

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