Empower your salespeople with the Social Selling Assistant


Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

Meet the Social Selling Assistant

Buying decisions are often influenced by information found on the Internet and increasingly on social media. Salespeople can sell more by leveraging social media. To do this, they must be thought leaders and increase their social presence by participating in discussions around their products or services. The Social Selling Assistant empowers salespeople to sell more by gaining trust, growing their network and getting connected on social media.

A few minutes per day is all you need to keep the conversations going and grow your network. Wherever you work, regardless of the device, you’ll always have the relevant information right at your fingertips. Harnessing the power of the machine learning, the Social Selling Assistant provides smart and personalized recommendations for shareable content based on social data gathered with Microsoft Social Engagement.

Can’t wait to try it out? Make sure have a system administrator or customizer security role in Customer Engagement and take the fast-track to set up and configure the Social Selling Assistant.

Quick start guide

  1. Install the Social Selling Assistant. Go to AppSource and Get the Social Selling Assistant.

    More information: TechNet: Install the Social Selling Assistant

  2. Add your organization's Customer Engagement URL to the list of Allowed Domains in Social Engagement.

    More information: Connect Social Engagement to other domains

  3. In Customer Engagement, go to Sales > Dashboards and select the Social Selling Assistant dashboard.

  4. Configure Microsoft Social Engagement to identify content owned by your business. Additionally, you can share social profiles with other users and configure tags that promote a certain post to users of the Social Selling Assistant.

    More information: Configure Social Engagement for the Social Selling Assistant

  5. Personalize the Social Selling Assistant by choosing the search topics that are relevant for you and by adding social profiles. Optionally, share your owned profiles to enable other users in your organization to post on your behalf.

    More information: Personalize the Social Selling Assistant for individual users

  6. Share exciting content and use your personal Social Selling Assistant to grow your social media presence.

    More information: Work with the Social Selling Assistant

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