Set your preferences for the user interface


Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued on January 16, 2020. Additionally, starting October 1, 2019, the service will no longer support Twitter as a data source. For more information, see Changes coming to Dynamics 365 Market Insights preview and Microsoft Social Engagement.

When Administrators set up Microsoft Social Engagement, they define default values that apply to all users of the same solution. However, you can override the Administrator’s defaults to display the user interface according to your requirements. For your Social Engagement profile, you can select the following:

  • Screen language

  • Default time frame in Analytics

  • Preferred color theme

  • Date and time format

  • Number format

  • Chart format

Edit your user preferences

  1. On the nav bar, click the Settings button Configuration button > My Preferences.


    Navigate to Settings > Personal Settings.

  2. On Your Preferences, in the drop-down menus and dialog boxes, set your options.

  3. Click Save to apply your changes.

Option What you can do
Profile Photo Click Edit to navigate to your Office 365 account and upload the photo that you want to use as your profile photo. The new photo will replace the default profile photo and will be visible in various areas of Social Engagement where the user activity is involved. Note that changes to your Office 365 account may take time to synchronize.

You can also change your profile by clicking the View Office 365 profile option on the top navigation bar.
Screen language Choose the language that the application will be displayed in.

The available languages for Social Engagement are listed in International availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Date and time format Set the default date and time format for charts and graphs in the dialog box.
Theme Choose between a light and a dark color theme for your user interface.
Number format Choose from a predefined set of option to display numbers on the user interface.
Default time frame Set the default time frame to present data in your charts and graphs for analysis. You can change the time frame at any time.
Chart format You can choose between Chart and Table view. Choose if you want to see the data points represented as charts or as tables with fields for individual data points. Additionally, you can choose to render widgets with filling patterns or solid colors, depending on your preferences.

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