Source candidates with talent pools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent - Attract


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Recruiters and hiring managers can organize their candidates using the Talent pools functionality in Attract. Talent pools can help you keep track of and engage with all the candidates that apply for jobs at your company.

Create and share a talent pool

Any user who has the recruiter, hiring manager, or Attract administrator role can create talent pools. The owner of a talent pool can also share that pool with other users so that groups of users, especially recruiters, can look at a shared pool of candidates.

Contributors to a talent pool can view the list of candidates in that pool. They can also add candidates to the pool or remove candidates from it.

Follow the steps below to create and share a talent pool.

  1. On the Attract home page, in the left navigation pane, select Talent Pools.

    The My talent pools tab shows all the talent pools that you have access to, with details about each. The details include the owner of the pool and the number of candidates in it.

  2. In the upper-right of the page, select New to open the Create talent pool dialog box.

  3. Enter a unique name for the talent pool.

  4. To add people as contributors to the pool, find their names by using the people picker, and then add them to the list. You can share a talent pool only with users who have the recruiter, hiring manager, or Attract administrator role.

  5. Select Add to create the talent pool.


    Alternatively, you can add contributors to a talent pool after you have created it. You can also manage access to a talent pool. For example, you can revoke a user's access to the talent pool.

    • To add contributors to an existing talent pool that you own, on the My talent pools tab, in the upper right of the talent pool card, select the ellipsis button (), and then select Edit. Find the people by using the people picker, and add them to the list.
    • To revoke a user's access to the talent pool, in the upper right of the talent pool card, select the ellipsis button (), and then select Edit. On the Manage access tab, select the trash can button next to the user.
  6. Select Update to complete and save the operation.


To create more than one talent pool, your organization must have the Comprehensive Hiring add-on.

Add and remove candidates

The owner and contributors to the talent pool can add candidates to the talent pool, view the candidates in it, and remove candidates from it.

  1. On the My talent pools tab, select a talent pool to open it.

    A list of the candidates who are part of the talent pool is shown.

  2. To add candidates to the talent pool, select + New in the upper right to open the Add candidate dialog box, and then do one of the following.

    • To add an internal candidate, you can search for the person by email address. After a successful search, the candidate's email address, first name, and last name are filled in. If you have the candidate's resume or any related documents about the candidate, you can upload them at this point. Then select Add to add the candidate to the talent pool.

    • To add an external candidate, manually enter his or her email address, first name, and last name. If you have the candidate's resume or any related documents, you can upload them at this point. Then select Add to add the candidate to the talent pool.

    • To add multiple candidates, select the From Excel tab. You can then download the appropriate Microsoft Excel template, enter the details for the candidates, save the Excel worksheet, and upload it to the application.

      If any errors are found in the worksheet, you will receive messages about them. You can then fix the errors and try to upload the worksheet again. When no more errors are found, select Add to upload the worksheet. The worksheet is processed in the background, and you'll be notified when all the candidates have been added to the talent pool.

  3. To remove an existing candidate from the talent pool, in the Action column, select the trash can button for that candidate.

Search and view candidate profiles


This feature is currently in preview. If you want to try it, you must turn it on in the Attract admin settings.

Talent pools allow you to view a candidate's profile, LinkedIn information, related documents, and application history. You can search the entire database of all candidates added to any talent pool, including closed and active applicants.


When you add new candidates or applicants, the new additions can take up to 15 minutes to be indexed for search.

With the improved search experience, you can search through all candidate documents and filter by silver medalists, sources, skills, education, and more. In previous versions, you had to specify the entity you wanted to search through. Attract can now search all candidate-related fields and rank the results.

  1. To start a new search through the candidate database, enter the text that you want to search for in the search box on the Talent pools tab.

You can type the candidate's name or any attributes that you're looking for. To separate attributes, use a space.

You can narrow your results either by changing your search query or by using the smart filters on the left side of the page.

The search results show highlights for the various attributes that matched your search query. Select any candidate that you're interested in to view their profile.

Syntax highlights

Operator Usage Example
* Searches for substrings; can be used to return all records Input: Mi*
Result: All records containing fields that begin with "Mi", such as Microsoft, Micro systems, Midtown Enterprises, or Middleton
Input: *
Result: All records in database
“” Searches for an exact match Input: “Microsoft”
Result: All records containing “Microsoft”


Don't turn off relevance search for your Common Data Service instance. This will disable the search experience in Attract.

All users have a common view of candidate profiles. The Profile tab shows any information about skills, work experience, and education that the candidate provided as part of their applications using the career portal.

  • You can view the contact details for the candidate. You can also edit or update the information as you require by using the Edit details button.

  • You can view the candidate's whole application history. You can see all the jobs that the candidate has applied for in your organization and the status of those applications. If you're part of a job's hiring team, you can select View to look at the application in detail.

  • The Documents tab shows any documents that the candidate has added from his or her profile or during job applications. You can use this tab o manage the candidate's resumes, cover letters, portfolio work, and so on. You can also use this tab to add documents.

    To view a document, select the document name in the list of documents. You can view Microsoft Word documents in the application by using Microsoft Office 365. You can also download the documents to your local computer by using the Download option for each document.

  • The LinkedIn tab shows the candidate's LinkedIn information. To use this tab, you must connect your LinkedIn account in the user settings, and your environment's LinkedIn Recruiter connection must be established. For more information, see Sourcing with LinkedIn Recruiter.


Only candidates can update their skills, education history, and work experience.

Add candidates from a talent pool to a job

From the search results or a talent pool, you can push a candidate to any active job that you're hiring for. To push a candidate to a specific job, follow these steps.

  1. Find the candidate by using the search option, and then open his or her profile. Alternatively, open the talent pool from the My talent pools tab, search for the candidate in your talent pool, and then open his or her profile.

  2. On the candidate's profile page, select Add to job in the upper right.

    A list of jobs that you belong to the hiring team for, as either a recruiter or a hiring manager, is shown.

  3. Select the job to add the candidate to, and then select Add. You can also search for the job by using the search field at the top of the Add candidate to job dialog box.

    If prospecting was enabled for the job, the candidate is added to the Prospect stage.

    If prospecting wasn't enabled for the job, the candidate is added to the Apply stage. Depending on the job configuration, the candidate might also receive an email where they can view their application.

Add candidates from a job to a talent pool

Often, several good candidates for a job aren't selected, but you don't want to lose track of them. In this case, you might want to add the candidates to a talent pool so that you can invite them to apply for other upcoming jobs.

  1. Go to the job that you want to add a candidate from.

  2. Select the candidate, and open his or her application.

  3. On the application page, select Add to talent pool. A list of talent pools that you have access to is shown.

  4. Select or search for the talent pool, and then select Add to add the candidate to that talent pool.