Set up your career site in Attract


Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps are being retired. Learn more at Retiring Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps.

This topic provides an overview of the candidate-facing career site functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract. It also explains how to set up this functionality.

Attract provides one career site for each environment in a tenant. For example, if an organization has a development environment and a test environment, one career site is provisioned for the development environment, and another career site is provisioned for the test environment. Each career site is completely isolated and has its own authentication mechanism. Jobs and candidate profiles aren't shared between career sites.

By default, the career site is public. Therefore, candidates can view all jobs that are marked as external without having to sign in. However, all other actions require that candidates sign in.

Career site management

To set the values for the following items, sign in to Attract as an administrator, select Admin center on the Settings menu (the gear symbol), and then select the Company information tab.

  • Organization name - The organization name appears on the navigation bar at the top of the career site. By selecting the organization name, candidates go to a page that lists all open jobs.

  • Organization logo - An image of the organization's logo appears in the upper left of the career site. By selecting the logo image, candidates go to a page that lists all open jobs.


    The logo image that appears on the career site has a fixed height of 20 pixels (px). The image that you add in the Admin center is scaled to fit. Therefore, depending on the image, the width might change.

To set the values for the following items, sign in to Attract as an administrator, select Admin center on the Settings menu, and then select the Career site management tab.

  • Search Engine Optimization - When enabled, all public jobs posted to Attract career site will be searchable using search engines like Bing and Google.


    There might be a delay between turning this setting on and search results appearing, depending on the search engine that you are using.

  • Terms and Conditions - When enabled, all candidates must consent to the organization's terms and conditions when applying for any job. The Attract Administrator is able to configure their own Consent text as well as the link to their Terms and Conditions page.

Career site URLs

The following list contains the commonly used career site URLs and how to access them.

Authentication options

Candidates have the following sign-in options for an Attract career site:

  • Personal account:

    • LinkedIn

    • Microsoft

    • Google

    • Facebook

  • Work or school account:

    • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure AD sign-in is intended only for internal candidates. Therefore, it works only for internal candidates who use their company Azure AD credentials. For example, a candidate who is currently an employee of Contoso Ltd wants to apply for a job in an unrelated company, Alpine Ski House. In this case, the sign-in will be unsuccessful if the employee tries to use Azure AD credentials from Contoso Ltd.

Candidates must sign in by using Azure AD if the job that they are viewing or applying for is listed as internal only.

Create and maintain a profile

After candidates sign in to the career site, they can select My profile on the navigation bar at the top of the page to create and maintain their profile. The profile includes personal information, information about work experience, education details, documents, links, and information about skill sets. After a profile is created, it can be used to apply for jobs that the candidate is interested in. Profiles also help Attract recommend the right jobs to candidates.


If a candidate uses an email ID to sign in using one of the authentication providers listed above, that email ID will default to the contact email ID associated with the profile. However, the latter can be changed at any time and is completely independent of the former. Attract will always use the contact email ID to associate with your profile for all email communications.

Find the right job

On the job list page, candidates can search for a specific job by entering search terms. The search functionality looks for the search terms in job titles and job descriptions, and shows relevant jobs as results. Candidates can filter the results at any time, based on the job location or job function.

Candidates can also view a set of recommended jobs on the career site. The jobs that are recommended to a candidate are based on the candidate's past applications, profile, and resumes.


Job recommendations are shown only if at least 10 jobs are posted on the career site, and if the candidate has completed a profile.

Internal candidates can also see who the hiring manager and/or recruiter for a job is, in case they want to contact those members of the hiring team. However, external candidates have no visibility into the members of the hiring team for any job.

Contact the hiring team

Only internal candidates can contact the hiring team. This limitation applies to all jobs, regardless of whether they are internal only or were publicly posted.

Candidates might want to contact the hiring team to express interest in a job that was posted or learn more about it. They can contact any of the hiring team members who are listed (hiring manager or recruiters). They can also optionally attach a resume to the message, or they can select an existing resume they previously uploaded as part of their profile.

After an internal candidate selects the hiring team members to contact, Attract sends an email to those people on the candidate's behalf. At the same time, the candidate's profile is added to the Prospect stage, if that stage is available for the job. Under the Prospect stage, recruiters or hiring managers can view the candidates who have contacted them. They can also review candidate profiles and invite potential candidates to apply.

Candidates can apply for a job that they have already contacted hiring team members about. After they apply, candidates can no longer contact the hiring team through the career site.

Apply for jobs

After candidates find the right job, they can apply by using the Apply button on the Job details page. At this point, candidates can either create a new profile or review the information in their existing profile. Candidates can also upload a resume, as required, and then submit the job application.

Enable applying for jobs with LinkedIn profiles

You can make it easy for candidates to apply for your positions by configuring Attract to allow them to apply through LinkedIn.


You need to have one or more recruiter licenses from LinkedIn before you can allow candidates to apply with LinkedIn.

  1. Sign in to Attract as an admin.
  2. Select the Settings button (the gear symbol) in the upper-right corner of the page, and then select Admin center.
  3. Select the LinkedIn Integration tab and connect with a LinkedIn recruiter account.
  4. In the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration section, select Enabled for the Apply with LinkedIn setting.

After you've enabled the setting, candidates can apply using their existing LinkedIn profile data. When candidates apply by choosing the Apply with LinkedIn button, they are asked to authenticate with LinkedIn if they're not already signed in. After they've authenticated, their LinkedIn profile replaces any existing profile data shown in the application page. Candidates can edit the information as needed and then submit the application. If a candidate navigates away from the page without applying for the job, their profile data is not updated in Attract.

Check application status

After candidates apply for one or more jobs, they can select Applications on the navigation bar at the top of the page to view their open and closed applications. When candidates open one of their applications, they see the current stage and any pending action items that they must complete. For example, if a candidate must provide potential dates for an in-person interview, the page shows the available options.

Internal jobs

Currently, jobs that are marked as internal and posted to the Attract career site don't appear on the career site. They are only accessible using the direct Apply URL that can be copied from the Attract application.