User not found in People Picker in Attract or Onboard


Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps are being retired. Learn more at Retiring Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps.


Certain valid users in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for the tenant do not appear when searching for the name in the People Picker in Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract or Dynamics 365 Talent: Onboard.


Certain user types are not currently supported in Attract and Onboard. Verify that the user is not an Azure AD Business to Business (B2B) guest user. "User Type" information can be found in the Azure Active Directory blade on the Azure portal.

For more information about Azure B2B, see What is guest user access in Azure Active Directory B2B.

For non-B2B users, there are certain users who may have an incomplete "User Type" property on the User object. This can be verified and fixed using the Azure AD Powershell module. For more information, see Azure AD.


To complete the following steps to resolve the issue, you will need to have "Global Administrator" permissions on the Azure Active Directory tenant or permissions for User.ReadWrite.All.

To verify the "User Type" for the affected user.

PS C:\>Get-AzureADUser -ObjectId ""

The command returns the following information.

ObjectId                             DisplayName UserPrincipalName      UserType
--------                             ----------- -----------------      --------
5e8b0f4d-2cd4-4e17-9467-b0f6a5c0c4d0 New user     

Note the UserType property on the user. If the UserType is blank, for example not "Member" or "Guest", update the UserType using the following command.

PS C:\>Set-AzureADUser -ObjectId "" -UserType Member