Resolve issues after entity store maintenance

When maintenance is performed on the entity store, it impacts the following components:

  • Application analytical workspaces, if you are on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Dynamics 365 for Retail 7.2 or higher and have configured analytical workspaces for embedded analytical reports.
  • Entity store-based reports that have been deployed to

To resolve issues with these components, complete the procedures in this topic.


There will be no impact to the normal operation of your Finance and Operations or Retail instance.

If you are using application analytical workspaces

Application analytical workspaces and reports may not render data after certain maintenance operations are completed. The following screenshot shows an example of this.

Analytical report is blank

To resolve this issue:

  1. Sign in to Finance and Operations or Retail.

  2. Go to the Batch jobs page (System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs).

  3. Delete all pending batch jobs associated with the entity store. These batch jobs:

    • Will have a status of Waiting.
    • Will typically have a description of Deploy measurement.


    The default description is Deploy measurement. If the description has been customized, you can verify whether a batch job is associated with the entity store by looking at the class name. Batch jobs associated with the entity store will have a class name of BIMeasurementDeployManagementEntityBatchJob.

  4. Go to the Entity store page (System Administration > Setup > Entity Store).

  5. Select all measurements that need to be refreshed.

  6. Click Refresh, and then click OK.

After the refresh completes, the application analytical workspaces and reports will render data.

If you have deployed entity store-based reports to and are using the reports within

After refreshing the entity store (as described above), redeploy the reports using the Deploy Power BI report files page in Finance and Operations or Retail (System Administration > Setup > Deploy Power BI files).


Reports that were previously deployed to may produce errors. If this occurs, you may need to delete and redeploy the report after the maintenance activity is completed.