User preferences in financial report designer

This article explains how to set user preferences to customize your user interactions in financial report designer and control the initial sign-in experience. You can also control how individual reports, the report library, and the default file locations are displayed.

Set user preferences

  1. In Report Designer, on the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, select your preferences.
  3. Click OK.

Options dialog box options

User option Description
At startup Select what you see when Report Designer starts. Select one of the following options:
  • Load last loaded report – Open the last report that you viewed.
  • Show Open window – Open the Open window. The Open window provides a search window that you can use to quickly find building blocks.
  • Show empty environment – Open an empty designer window.
Display confirmation before exiting Report Designer Select whether to receive a warning message when you exit the application. This message helps guarantee that you don't exit the program unintentionally.
Automatically apply cell underline in column headers Select whether to insert an underline in the cell of a new column header.
Management Reporter files location Specify the default location for files. The application uses the default location when you export building block groups.

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