Data entities - Budgeting

This article provides a list of the data entities that are available for Budgeting.

Available data entities

Important: Before you import Budgeting data entities, all General ledger data entities and the setup must be imported. For more information about General ledger data entities, see Data entities: General ledger.

12.1.001 BUD – Ledger budget setup

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
1 Budget parameters Budgeting Setup None Define parameters for Budgeting.
2 Financial reasons General ledger Setup None A code that users can select to record the reason for a change
3 Budget codes Budgeting Setup Financial reasons Provides an additional level of categorization for budget register entries.
4 Budget models Budgeting Setup None Define a model that is used to describe a budget. The model is also used in budget planning and budget control.
5 Budget submodels Budgeting Setup None Further define a budget model.
6 Budget allocation term Budgeting Setup None Defines the financial dimension values and the percentages that are used to generate budget allocations.
7 Budget cycle time span Budgeting Setup None Used to specify the fiscal year or the number of periods in a budget cycle, and to associate budget cycles with fiscal calendars.
8 Budget dimensions Budgeting Setup Ledger The financial dimensions that are used for budgeting
9 Budget revenue classification Budgeting Setup None Used to create or modify the budget revenue details for a payment order.

12.1.002 BUD – Budget control setup

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
10 User groups Organization administration Setup None Create groups of users that can be used in other modules of the system: budget control, workflow, and journal posting permission.
11 Budget control configuration Budgeting Setup None Configures budget control for the ledger of a legal entity.
12 Budget control dimension attribute Budgeting Setup None Attributes for the financial dimensions that are used in the budget control configuration
13 Budget control over budget permissions Budgeting Setup User group Allows the members of the associated user group to process expenses that fall outside the budget that was entered.
14 Budget control documents and journals Budgeting Setup None The source documents and accounting journals that are subject to budget control
15 Budget control cycle model Budgeting Setup Budget cycle time span The time span that is associated with a budget model for budget checking
16 Budget control rule Budgeting Setup None The financial dimension value combinations for budget control
17 Budget control rule criteria Budgeting Setup Budget control rule The criteria that are used to create the budget control rule
18 Budget control group Budgeting Setup None A collection of financial dimension values for which the budgets will be pooled for a secondary budget check
19 Budget control group criteria Budgeting Setup Budget control group The criteria that are used create the budget control group
20 Budget control message level Budgeting Setup None The levels that are set to receive notification at various stages of the budget control process
21 Budget control configuration activation Budgeting Setup None The process that activates the budget control configuration

12.8.001 Budget – Budget account entries

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
22 Budget account entries Budgeting Transactional None The entries that are used to establish the budget.

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