Data entities - Workflow

This article provides a list of the data entities that are available for Workflow.

Available data entities

These entities should be used as a mechanism to move existing and tested workflows between environments. The IDs in these entities aren't intended to be created manually. Because of the length of some fields in the workflow data entities, the target data format must be comma-separated values (CSV). The CSV format can cause issues where preceding zeros (0) appear in some fields if the files are open between export and import. Be aware that some fields in a CSV file might show “151”, for example, whereas the actual value is 00151. Additionally, some fields might be split into different columns because of length.

02.1.003 WF – Workflow - SHARED

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
1 Expressions Workflow Setup None The overall picture of the workflow. Note: If you’re using demo data, two expressions will fail on import. The failure of these two expressions will cause records to fail in other data entities in this package that depend on the Expression entity.
2 Workflow version Workflow Setup Users, Expression The list of all workflows that have ever been activated. Note: Because of a known issue that involves Workflow owners in the demo data, several records will fail on import. The data has been corrected in the packages that are available on Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).
3 Workflow version notes Workflow Setup Workflow version Notes that document the changes that were made to the previous version.
4 Workflow version notification Workflow Setup Workflow version notes The notification that is provided together with the version.
5 Workflow version notification message Workflow Setup Workflow version notification The message that is related to each notification.
6 Workflow parallel branch Workflow Setup Expression A workflow element that includes two or more workflow branches that run at the same time.
7 Workflow subworkflow Workflow Setup Expression A workflow that runs in the context of another workflow.
8 Workflow element Workflow Setup Expression, Workflow version A workflow consists of elements of various types.
9 Workflow element action Workflow Setup Workflow element The action that must be taken for each element.
10 Workflow element notification Workflow Setup Workflow element The notification about action that is required for each element.
11 Workflow element notification nmessage Workflow Setup Workflow element notification The message that is associated with each notification.
12 Workflow element link Workflow Setup Workflow element The connector between elements in a workflow.
13 Workflow element outcome message Workflow Setup Workflow element The message about the status of the workflow.
14 Workflow step Workflow Setup Workflow element Each step of the workflow.
15 Workflow step message Workflow Setup Workflow step The message at each step.
16 Workflow escalation path Workflow Setup Workflow step The path to take if action isn't taken.

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