Features not yet implemented in on-premises deployments

The following features have not been implemented in on-premises deployments of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. These features have not been implemented, but aren't deprecated.

Feature Description
Task recorder Task recorder libraries in Lifecycle Services (LCS) are not supported. Task recordings can be loaded from or saved to the local file system.
Support pane The Support pane (Help & Support > Support) is not yet available.
PowerBI.com integration PowerBI.com integration is not yet available for on-premises deployments. For example, the ability to pin a tile or a report from your PowerBI.com subscription to a workspace is not available.
Microsoft Office integration SharePoint on-premises support is not available yet. SharePoint online is supported.
Skype for Business on-premises support is not available yet. Skype for Business online is supported.
Electronic reporting (ER) integration with LCS The ER integration with LCS is not supported. ER configurations can't be downloaded directly from LCS to Finance and Operations.
ER integration with SharePoint Integration with SharePoint is not supported. SharePoint server can't be configured as a destination for electronic documents generated by using ER.
Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations - Warehousing mobile app The app is temporarily unavailable.
Ability to export entities to your own database (BYOD) This feature is currently not implemented.
Author Power BI reports using OData Authoring Power BI reports with OData using Power BI desktop or Excel PowerQuery tools is not supported.
Retail No Retail features are available for use in on-premises deployments at this time.
Purchase requisitions: Punch-out from external catalogs It is not possible to check out a shopping cart from an external catalog to a purchase requisition.
Trace Parser and PerfTimer These tools are not working or have limited functionality for this release. These features will be implemented in a future release.
SSRS scale out Currently SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) does not support scaling out. This feature will be added in an upcoming release.
Telemetry Currently no telemetry is transferred into the cloud. In a future update we will start transferring telemetry data into the cloud.