Manage Finance and Operations Support experiences

To use the Support tool, you must have previously created a project in Lifecycle Services (LCS) and installed and ran the System diagnostics in your environment. For more information, see System diagnostics (Lifecycle Services, LCS).

Open a new incident

  1. In LCS, use the Support tile to manage support incidents. To submit issues directly to Microsoft, go to the Support tile in your LCS project.

Support menu

  1. On the Submitted to Microsoft tab, click the Submit an incident button.

Support button

  1. Before you submit an incident, use the Issue Search tool to search for existing solutions. You can search by description or object path in the Application Object Tree (AOT) of the issue. Click the Search icon.

Issue search

  1. If you can't find an existing solution to your issue, click Create incident to create a new incident.

Create incident

  1. Select an issue category.


  1. Select an issue area.


  1. In the Describe your issue window, you need to do the following:

    • Select Yes if the issue occured in an environment. Select the environment name.
    • Enter a short description of your issue in the Title field.
    • Provide details about the issue detail and the steps needed to reproduce the error.
    • If applicable, enter an error message.
    • If possible, attach screenshots that illustrate the problem. To do this, click Attach file from computer.


  2. Enter the primary contact information. These contact details will be used by the customer support team to contact you about the case.

Contact info

  1. Select the support contract and the severity level.

    • Support contracts for on-premises products have limited incident counts. From the list of available support contracts, select the support option to use if you have multiple tier support contracts.
    • Support contracts for cloud products have unlimited incidents, therefore, we show you the best available support plans.

Contract and severity

  1. Click Submit.


After you click Submit, an incident is created and added to the Incidents list. You will receive an email message from the Microsoft Support Engineer assigned to your case.

Manage support plans

If you purchased a support plan, you will need to add it to LCS Support before you create a new ticket.

  1. On the Submitted to Microsoft tab, click Manage support plans.

    Manage support plans

  2. On the Manage support plans page, click Add contract to enter the Access ID and Password/Contract ID.

    Add contracts