Manage Finance and Operations Support experiences

To use the Support tool, you must have previously created a project in Lifecycle Services and installed and ran the System diagnostics in your environment. For more information, see System diagnostics (Lifecycle Services, LCS).


Open a new incident

  1. Go to Lifecycle Services.
  2. Open a project, and then click the Support tile.
  3. On the Submitted to Microsoft tab, click Submit an incident.
  4. Search for an existing solution by keyword or by object path in the Application Object Tree (AOT).
  5. If you don’t find an existing solution, click Create incident.
  6. On the Share diagnostic data page, select the appropriate environment. If you have not previously run System diagnostics in your environment, you are prompted to install and run it. After you run System diagnostics, you must update the Share diagnostic data page.
  7. On the Describe the issue pages, enter details about the issue and then click Submit. After you click Submit, the following steps occur:
    • An incident is created and added to the Incidents list.
    • You receive an email message from the Microsoft Support Engineer who is working on your case.