Create or update a methodology (LCS)

Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics provides methodologies that you can use to ensure a more repeatable and predictable implementation project experience. You can use one of the provided methodologies or create your own. With a methodology, you can easily track and report on your progress.

A methodology consists of phases, tasks, and milestones. Each phase can have any number of tasks, some of which are mandatory. When all of the tasks in a phase are completed, the phase can be marked as complete. You can also create a milestone for when you anticipate a phase to be completed. The following methodologies are included in an LCS project:

  • Implementation
  • Sure Step
  • Learn development
  • Migrate and create solutions
  • Consume solutions

Note: There is a known limitation where new changes that are published to the Microsoft Methodology are not pushed to existing projects. Only new projects get these changes.

Add or update methodologies

A partner or a project administrator can create new methodologies or make changes to an existing methodology for their organization or within the scope of a specific project. These additions and changes can be made at the project level or at the organization level. Use the following procedures to create and save a new methodology, update existing methodologies, and when appropriate, promote a new methodology or methodology changes to the organization level.

Create a new methodology

  1. On the Lifecycle Services dashboard, on the right side of the screen, click Manage methodologies.
  2. On the **Manage methodologies **page, click the plus sign (+).
  3. In the New methodology pane, enter a name and description for the new methodology. Click Confirm.
  4. Optional: After you have confirmed the methodology, you can promote it to the organization level by selecting the methodology in the grid, and then selecting Promote. promotemethodology Note: You must be an admin in your organization to promote a methodology to the organization level.

Change or update a methodology

There are two ways to make changes to a methodology. You can append an existing methodology or you can make changes to a methodology in the scope of a project. From the LCS project dashboard, select the methodology that you want to update, and then select Edit methodology or Append methodology. projectlevelmethodology If you select to edit the methodology, you can make the following changes:

  • Add a new phase.
  • Add a new task.
  • Edit a phase or task. (Some phases and tasks can be edited, but others are enforced by Microsoft and are therefore locked and can’t be edited.)
  • Copy a phase or task.
  • Reorder phases and tasks.
  • Delete a phase or task.