Mobile platform

By using mobile apps, you can reuse business logic and modeling from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Mobile apps enable rich offline and mobile interactions, and an easy-to-use designer experience. Developers can create simplified forms in Microsoft Visual Studio and then design mobile apps that expose this functionality. The mobile platform makes it easy to change the forms and mobile app definitions to include customizations that are made to the product.

Get started

Check out the following series of how-to videos that show how to create a mobile app.

Common configurations

These topics describe some common customizations that you can add to your mobile app.

Client-side development

Client-side APIs are used in the business logic file, which provides an extensibility layer to the mobile workspace that allows for customization. Some things that you can access through the client-side APIs include:

  • Metadata
  • Runtime control/page instances
  • Business data
  • Offline-first business behaviors
  • Layout and style

The process for client-side development is described in these topics:

You can download a sample business logic file (a .js file) for the Reservation management workspace. Go to Dynamics365-for-Operations-mobile-FleetManagementSamples, open the business_logic folder, and locate the FM.js file

Server-side development

Workspace attributes and classes are used to create, configure, and publish workspaces on the server. Server-side development is described in these topics:

You can download the sample project (an .axpp file) for the Fleet Management mobile app. Go to from Dynamics365-for-Operations-mobile-FleetManagementSamples and download the FMMobileApp.axpp file.

Additional resources

What's new and in development

Go to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap to see what new features have been released and what new features are in development.


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