Finance and Operations cloud platform monthly updates FAQ

This topic provides some key information about the monthly updates of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations cloud platform.

What's the rationale behind the cloud platform monthly updates?

The cloud platform is locked as of Dynamics 365 for Operations platform update 3. Locking the platform enables rich customizations that use extensions while allowing you to make updates without costly code upgrades. Starting with platform update 4, the cloud platform releases monthly updates so that new and existing environments can stay up-to-date with the latest innovations with a click of a button.

Monthly updates are backward compatible and non-breaking. An explicit opt-in option will be added for features that alter the behavior of existing features.

How can I update my environment to the latest monthly update?

To install the latest monthly platform update on an existing environment, go to Lifecycle Services (LCS). In the Shared asset library, select the Software deployable package tab. You will find the latest platform update package that you can deploy. For example, the deployable package for platform update 5 is shown below. This package can be imported to the project's asset library and then can be applied to a specific environment through the update flows. For more details, see Upgrade Finance and Operations to the latest platform update.

Deployable package in LCS

New environments that are deployed will include the latest platform update.

How do I know what's changed in the monthly platform update?

To see a list of the new or changed features in the latest monthly update, click here.

What should I test to approve the platform monthly update?

Monthly platform updates are backward compatible and non-breaking. We recommend that you run your main business process regressions tests, and then deploy into PROD.

We recommend that you automate functional validations to reduce the validation effort.

How long can I stay on a specific monthly update?

You can stay up to 12 months on a monthly platform update. However, any hotfix that you need will require you to take the latest monthly update available. Typically updates fix problems with or enable new features in Finance and Operations, so you are highly encouraged to keep up to date. For more information, see Online service and on-premises software lifecycle policy.

Can I get a hotfix instead of the full monthly update?

No. All hotfixes are rolled into the cumulative monthly updates. Platform updates have been cumulative in the past too. You will need to apply the latest monthly platform update to get a fix available in any of the interim updates. For instance, if you are on update 3 and the hotfix that you need is in update 4 but the latest update available is update 7, you need to apply update 7 which will include all fixes in update 4.

Will I need to update my customizations for a monthly update?

No. Monthly platform updates do not require you to upgrade your code customizations (Partner or ISV).

How do I get application updates?

Application updates (X++ and binary) are available in the update tiles based on those applicable to a specific environment. Application updates can be searched for and applied as needed. All available application updates are applicable to the latest platform update. See the details for the release in the Online service and on-premises software lifecycle policy.

If you are already on platform update 4 or later, applying an application binary update will also update your Finance and Operations platform to the latest release.

Application and binary update tiles

What is the guidance to customers who are going live?

The recommendation is that you sign off with testing the platform update that's no more than a month before go live. The expectation is that you will test all scenarios and sign off using the T - 1 month platform update. This ensures that you are on the latest platform update with all available fixes.

What is a planned maintenance update?

A planned maintenance update is explained in Planned maintenance window FAQ.

Is there any type of early access program for the Finance and Operations platform?

Yes. There are standard and targeted releases of the Finance and Operations platform. For more information, see Standard and targeted platform releases.