Hire existing employees through recruitment

Sometimes open positions can be filled by candidates who are already employees in your organization. This procedure walks through the steps of hiring an existing employee through the recruiting process. In this procedure, a recruitment project has already been set up, and an existing employee has already submitted an application for the recruitment project. The demo data company used to create this procedure is USMF.

  1. Go to Human resources > Recruitment > Applications > Applications.
  2. In the list, find application for the employee that you would like to hire. Example: 00002 John Emory
  3. Click Application status.
    • The application status indicates where an application is at in the recruitment process. Each of these steps is optional. Typically, an application would move the statuses in the following order: received, confirmed, and interviewed. After the interview process, a hiring decision would be made.
  4. Click Change position.
  5. Select the position that you are hiring the employee into.
  6. In the New Assignment Start Date field, enter the date that the employee will begin working in the new position.
  7. In the Assignment end date, enter the date that the employee will stop working in their current position.
    • The starting date for the new position and the ending date of the old position may overlap. This can happen when a person is performing duties for both positions during a transition period.
  8. Optionally, you can select a reason code. Example: Reorganization
  9. Click Change position.
    • You may also change compensation at this time. If you do not assign compensation at this time, you can change it by going to the worker form, selecting the Compensation tab, and choosing 'Fixed Plan'. After you select 'Change position', the status on the application will be updated to 'Employed'.