Manage leave of absence


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This procedure walks through the creation of employee leave records. You can track leave time for reasons that include medical, educational, or parental activities. The demo data company used to create this procedure is USMF.

  1. Go to Human resources > Workers > Employees.
  2. In the list, select an employee.
  3. Display detailed information for the selected employee by selecting the employee's name.
  4. Click the Employment tab.
  5. Click Leave.
  6. Click New.
  7. In the Leave type field, click the drop-down button to open the lookup.
    • You can associate a leave type to an earning code in the Leave types form. If a leave type is associated with an earning code, an earning line will be generated with the associated earning code during the leave period that you enter.
  8. In the list, select a leave type.
    • For example: Adoption
  9. Enter the date that the leave will start. Example: '2015-10-26'
    • For example: 2015-10-26
  10. Enter the date that the leave will start.
    • For example: 2015-11-20
  11. In the note field, enter a description.
    • For example: Leave for adoption
  12. Click Save.