Create free text invoices

This topic explains how to create free text invoices. For the procedure, use the USMF demo company.

Create a free text invoice

  1. Go to Accounts receivable > Invoices > All free text invoices.

  2. Select New.

  3. In the Customer account field, select a value.

    • By default, the account that is selected as the customer account is used as the invoice account.
    • If the invoice isn't posted, the accounting status starts with In process.
    • The invoice number will be assigned when the invoice is posted.
    • If you're using Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) mandates, the direct debit mandate is automatically entered when you select the customer account.
  4. In the Description field, enter a value.

  5. In the Main account field, specify an account number that doesn't have dimensions. You will enter dimensions later in this topic.

    You can also enter one or more characters for the main account, and use the lookup to find the account.

  6. Select the Line details FastTab to add dimensions to the main account.

  7. Select the Financial dimensions line tab.

    • The dimensions are for the selected line only.
    • The sales tax group is filled in from the customer. If the customer doesn't have a sales tax group, the sales tax group from the main account is used.
    • The items sales tax group is filled in from the main account. If the main account doesn't have an item sales tax group, the item sales tax group that is specified in the sales tax parameters in General ledger is used.
  8. Optional: In the Quantity field, enter a number.

  9. Optional: In the Unit price field, enter a number.

    The amount is calculated as the quantity times the unit price. However, you can override that calculation by entering an amount.

  10. Select Sales tax to view the sales tax that is calculated for the invoice.

    You can view the sales tax amounts on this page, or you can override the amounts on the Adjustment tab.

  11. Select OK.

  12. Select Charges to add a charge to the invoice.

  13. In the Charges code field, enter a value.

  14. In the Charges value field, enter a number.

  15. Close the page.

  16. Select Totals to view a summary of the invoice details and totals.

  17. Select Close.

  18. Select Post to post the invoice. You will still have an opportunity to cancel before you actually post.

    • You can change the timing of invoice printing. Select Current to print each invoice as it's updated. Select After to print after all invoices have been updated.
    • To change how the customer's credit limit is verified before the invoice is posted, change the value in the Credit limit type field.
    • To print the invoice, set the option to Yes.
    • To post the invoice, set the option to Yes. You can print the invoice without posting it.
  19. Select OK.

Copy lines

To copy lines on a free text invoice, select one or more lines, and then select Copy selected lines. You can specify the number of copies to make, and you can also copy notes and attachments. You can either copy the distributions or let them be re-created when you post.

After you copy lines, you can edit the information as you require.

Create a free text invoice from a template

You can create a free text invoice from a template. When you select New from template on the Invoice tab, you can select a template name and the customer account for the new free text invoice. Default values, such as the terms of payment and method of payment, can be automatically filled in from the customer, or you can use the values that were saved in the template.

A new free text invoice is created, and you can edit the values as you require.