Advanced bank reconciliation MT940 Import – Composite data entity upgrade

A sequence number needs to be added to the bank statement import entity to support the MT940 format.

Use the following steps to add the bank statement import entity to support the MT940 format.

  1. Compile and synchronize the following:

    • Composite Entity\BankStatementImportEntity
    • Entity\BankStatementBalanceEntity
    • Entity\BankStatementDocumentEntity
    • Entity\BankStatementEntity
    • Entity\BankStatementLineEntity
    • Tables\BankStatementStaging
  2. Data management\data projects.

    1. Load MT940 import project(s)
      1. Change XSLT.

        • Click View map.
        • Click View map on the bank statement document.
        • Click Transformations
        • Delete the BankReconiliation-to-Composite.xslt file.
        • Add the new version of BankReconiliation-to-Composite.xsl.
      2. Expose the Sequence Number on Source Data layout.

        1. Source data format = XML-Element.
        2. Entity name = Bank statements.
        3. Upload data file = new version SampleBankCompositeEntity.xml.
        4. Click Yes to overwrite the existing file.
        5. Click Yes to generate a new mapping.
        6. Verify that SequenceNumber is mapped.
          • Click View Map on the statement entity.
          • Verify that SequenceNumber is mapped from Source to Staging.
  3. Import the new statement.