Distributions on an expense report

When you enter expenses on an expense report, you can distribute the expense across multiple projects, financial dimensions, or accounts in your organization.

For example, Nancy, a Fabrikam sales representative, traveled from Copenhagen to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, she met with two organizations to discuss separate projects for each organization. Nancy spent seven business days working with organization A on project A, and three business days working with organization B on project B.

Because Nancy worked on two separate projects when she was in Frankfurt, when she enters her expense report, she distributes her expenses as appropriate for each project. The following table shows how Nancy distributed her expenses.

Expense type Total expense amount Amount distributed to project A Amount distributed to project B
Train fare DKK 578 DKK 405 DKK 173
Hotel EUR 725 EUR 557 EUR 168
Meals EUR 346 EUR 284 EUR 62