Close the general ledger at period end

This topic describes the tasks that are typically completed when performing a period closing for General ledger.

In General ledger, you can complete closing procedures for a period or a year. Closing processes prepare the system for a new period. To prepare the system for a new year, you must run the year end close process. Each organization has different processes and steps that it performs for the end of a period. Here are some optional steps for period ends:

  • Complete all the tasks for all other modules, such as Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, and Inventory.
  • Verify that all journals are posted.
  • Run foreign currency revaluation to generate any unrealized gain or loss amounts.
  • Settle transactions for each ledger account.
  • Process any required allocations.
  • Manually post period-end adjustments.
  • Journalize transactions, and review the Ledger journal report.
  • Perform a consolidation by using a consolidation company or Financial reporting.
  • Generate period-end financial statements by using Financial reporting.
  • Set ledger periods to On hold, so that no further posting occurs. You can also restrict a period to a specific user group while period-end activities are occurring, for better control. It's not a good idea to set periods to Permanently closed, because you can't reopen a period that has been closed.

The Financial period close workspace can be used to organize and track the tasks required for various period end processes.

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