Journalize posted journal entries


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This procedure shows how to journalize posted journal entries. This procedure uses the USMF demo data company.

  1. Validate the settings for journalizing under General ledger > Ledger setup > General ledger parameters.
  2. The Extended ledger journal field can be set to Yes or No. If Yes, the report output will be different.
  3. Select whether the period can be closed if the journalizing process hasn't been run.
    • If this option is set to Yes, the period cannot be closed until the journalizing process has been completed for that period.
  4. Close the page.
  5. Go to General ledger > Periodic tasks > Journalizing.
  6. Click Filter.
  7. Highlight the row with the filter criteria that you want to define.
  8. In the Criteria field, enter or select the filter criteria..
  9. Click OK to close the filter page.
  10. Click OK to start the journalizing process.
    • A report will be generated after the process is complete.