View journal entries or transactions


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This procedure shows how to use the Voucher transactions inquiry to search for journal entries or transactions.

  1. Go to General ledger > Inquiries and reports > Voucher transactions.
  2. Select the field for which you want to define a filter criteria.
  3. Enter your filter criteria for the selected field.
    • You could filter on a single value or a range. When defining a range, make sure the correct syntax is used. The values should be separated by a double period (..).
  4. Click the Joins tab to add additional tables from which to filter.
  5. In the tree, select 'Tables\General journal entry'.
  6. Click Add table join.
  7. Click Cancel if you decide not to add an additional table.
  8. Click the Range tab.
  9. Click OK to run the query.
  10. Click Transaction origin.
    • Various buttons about the grid can be used to research additional information about the selected record of the voucher. Some buttons may not be available, depending on the type of transaction and characteristics of the transaction.
  11. Close the page.
  12. Click Original document.
  13. Close the page.