View posted sales tax transactions


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You can view posted sales tax transactions from various page depending on what you need to view. This task uses the USMF demo company.

  1. Go to Tax > Inquiries and reports > Sales tax inquiries > Posted sales tax.
  2. Click Show filters.
  3. Close the page.
  4. Go to Tax > Indirect taxes > Sales tax > Sales tax settlement periods.
  5. Expand the Period intervals section.
  6. Select the interval you are interested in.
  7. Display posted sales tax transactions for the selected settlement period interval.
  8. You can further filter the list of posted sales tax transactions.
  9. Close the page.
  10. Go to Tax > Indirect taxes > Sales tax > Sales tax codes.
  11. On the Action Pane, click Sales tax code.
  12. Click Posted sales tax.