Configure tax integration for China

This topic describes the process for configuring tax integration for China.


Before you can configure tax integration, you must enable tax integration by selecting Yes for the Integration with tax system option on the Accounts receivable parameters page (Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable parameters > Ledger and sales tax > General tab).

To configure tax integration for China, complete the following tasks.

  1. Create a new VAT invoice description on the VAT invoice description page. For example, you may need to set the following parameters:

    • VAT invoice description ID to InvoiceDescID01
    • Description to 设备
    • Unit to Box
  2. Create a new tax integration profile on the Tax integration profiles page. You can set up tax integration profiles to use when invoices are imported or exported. In the tax integration profile, you can specify the following:

    • Sales tax code
    • Maximum invoice amount
    • Default description and unit for the golden tax invoice
    • Whether to include non-deductible VAT invoices

The tax integration process is illustrated in the following diagram. IC666469

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