Purchase duties for Austria

A purchase duty is a tax on incoming sales tax and is calculated as a percentage of the paid sales tax. This topic includes information about purchase duties for legal entities that have their primary address in Austria. For more information about the global sales tax functionality, see Sales tax overview.

The calculation of purchase duties is based on sales tax codes. To include a sales tax code in the purchase duty calculation, select the Purchase duty check box on the Saxes tax codes page.

You can specify purchase duty settings on the Tax setup menu on the Purchase duty page. You can set the duty identifier (for example, KU), description, tax authority, and accounts that will be used for posting. Duty account is a balance account where the liability for the purchase duty is registered. Cost account is a profit and loss account that the costs are posted to and a Settle account where settlement transactions will be generated.

To specify the value of the purchase duty, click Purchase duty value to open the Purchase duty value page. You can specify the purchase duty percentage (for example 0,30) for the required period.

Purchase duties are generated when you settle and post sales taxes. You can generate the Purchase duty report from the Purchase duty reporting menu.