Post the pre-acquisition of a fixed asset

This topic explains how to set up and post fixed asset pre-acquisitions.

Note: The functionality for posting fixed asset pre-acquisitions is available only for legal entities that have their primary address in Hungary or the Czech Republic. A pre-acquisition of a fixed asset isn't depreciable, and it doesn't affect the acquisition costs or the net book value of the fixed asset. When you post a pre-acquisition, the status of the fixed asset is changed to Acquired. A fixed asset that has the Acquired status isn't depreciable. By contrast, when you post an acquisition, the status is changed to Open, and the fixed asset is depreciable.

Set up pre-acquisitions

Before you can post a pre-acquisition, you must complete the following setup:

  • On the Fixed assets parameters page, set the Allow pre-acquisitions option to Yes.
  • On the Fixed asset posting profiles page, set up a fixed asset posting profile for the pre-acquisition posting type.

Post a preacquisition of a fixed asset

  1. On the Fixed assets page, create a new journal, and enter all applicable information, as required.
  2. For the journal that you just created, click Lines to open the Journal voucher page.
  3. Click New to create a line.
  4. In the Transaction type field, select a transaction that has the Pre-Acquisition transaction type.
  5. Enter values for the remaining fields as required.
  6. Click Validate to validate the journal lines.
  7. Click Proposals > Pre-acquisition proposal.
  8. Click Select to set up the selection criteria, and then click OK.
  9. Click OK to close the Pre-acquisition proposal page.
  10. Click Post > Post to post the pre-acquisition transaction. On the Books page, the status of the fixed asset should now be Acquired.