Inventory journal reports

When you use configurable inventory reports based on electronic reporting, you need to set up a relationship between a specific report and a journal type.

To set up a relationship between a specific report and a journal type, on the Inventory journal names page (Inventory management > Setup > Journal names > Inventory), enter a name for the report. Note: To set up supported configurations, download the required electronic reporting configurations. For more information, see Download Electronic reporting configurations from Lifecycle Services. Examples of inventory reports with supported configurations in Europe are listed in the following table.

Country Report description Journal type Format mapping name
Lithuania, Hungary Inventory statement report Counting Inventory statement (HU, LT)
Latvia, Poland Inventory reclassification document Transfer InventoryReclassificationDocument_PLLV
Estonia Inventory reclassification document Transfer InventoryReclassificationDocument_EE
Poland Internal PW/RW Movement InventJournalLinesDocPL
Latvia Inventory movement document Movement Movement_LV
Latvia Inventory write-down document Adjustment InventJournalLines_LV
Latvia Transfer delivery note Transfer InternalTransferDeliveryNote_LV
Latvia Counting document report Counting CountedDocument_LV
Latvia Counting list report Counting Counting list