Parameter configurations for Retail statements


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This procedure demonstrates configurations for Retail parameters that affect how Retail statements get created and posted. This procedure uses the USRT demo company.

  1. Go to Retail and commerce > Headquarters setup > Parameters > Retail parameters.
  2. Click the Posting tab.
    • Select "Yes" if you want to post the periodic discount amounts specifically.
    • Select "Standard" to use default accounts, or select "Periodic" if you want to define which account to use for each periodic discount.
    • Select "Summary" if inventory lines should get aggregated whenever possible.
    • Select "Yes" if Invoices and Payments should get automatically settled as part of the Statement posting process.
    • Select "Yes" if Safe drop transactions should get aggregated.
    • Select "Yes" if Bank drop transactions should get aggregated.
    • Select "Yes" to turn aggregation on for Statement posting.
    • Select "Yes" to create and process orders in parallel when statements are posted.
    • Enter the maximum orders to be processed in each batch job task.
  3. Click Save.