Enter the GTIN code for a product


We will not be accepting edits to this topic, because it is generated from a business process in Lifecycle Services.

GTIN codes are assigned by the GS1 organization. In this example, you will enter a code for product number M0001 in demo data company USMF.

  1. Click Released product maintenance.
  2. Click Released products.
  3. Expand the Product image FactBox.
  4. In the list, find and select the desired record.
  5. On the Action Pane, click Manage inventory.
  6. Click GTIN codes.
  7. Click New.
  8. In the list, mark the selected row.
  9. In the Unit field, enter or select a value.
  10. In the GTIN code field, select an option.
  11. In the GTIN field, type a value.
  12. Close the page.