Synchronize products from Finance and Operations to products in Sales


Before you can use the Prospect to cash solution, be familiar with Dynamics 365 Data Integration.

This topic discusses the templates and underlying tasks that are used to synchronize products from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Template and task

The following templates and underlying tasks are used to synchronize products from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition (Finance and Operations) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (Sales).

  • Name of template: Products (Fin and Ops to Sales)

  • Name of task in project: Products

Sync tasks required prior to Product sync: None

Entity set

Finance and Operations CDS Sales
Sellable released products Product Products

Entity flow

Products are managed in Finance and Operations and synchronized to Sales. The data entity Sellable released products in Finance and Operations only exports products that are sellable, which means that products have the information required to be used on a sales order. The same rules apply when a product is validated with the Validate function on the Released product page.

The Product number is used as key, meaning that product variants are synchronized to CDS and Sales with individual Product IDs per Product variant.

Prospect to cash solution for Sales

In Sales, a new field on the products Is Externally Maintained is added to indicate that a given product is maintained externally. The value is set to Yes by default during import to Sales.

  • Is Externally Maintained = Yes: Product originates from Finance and Operations and will not be editable in Sales.

  • Is Externally Maintained = No: Product is entered directly in Sales.

  • Is Externally Maintained = Blank: Product exists in Sales prior to enabling the Prospect to cash solution.

The Is Externally Maintained information is used to ensure that only Quotes and Sales orders with Externally maintained products will sync to Finance and Operations.

Externally maintained products are automatically added to the first valid Price list with the same currency. Note that the list is organized alphabetically by Name. The product sales price from Finance and Operations is used as price on the Price list. This means that it is required to have a Price list in Sales for each Product sales currency in Finance and Operations. Currency on the released sellable products is set to the accounting currency in the legal entity, from which the product is exported.


Product sync will not succeed without a Price list with the matching currency.

Preconditions and mapping setup

  • Before you run the very first sync, you must populate the Distinct product table for existing products in Finance and Operations. Existing products will not be synchronized until this job is completed.

    • In Finance and Operations, use Search to search for Populate distinct product table.

    • Click the Populate distinct product table to run the job. This job only needs to be run once.

  • Ensure that the needed ValueMap for selling Unit of measure (UOM) in Finance and Operations exists in the Source -> CDS mapping SalesUnitSymbol / DefaultSellingUnitOfMeasure.

  • Ensure that Decimals supported for UOM match your requirements in CDS -> Destination. If you require different values per UOM, this can be done with ValueMap from Unit, for example, [Each : 0] & [Pound : 2].

    • Template value is defaulted to 0.
  • Update the CDS Organization ID Organization_OrganizationId in Source -> CDS.

    • Template value is defaulted to ORG001.
  • Update ValueMap for Unit group ( in CDS -> Destination to match the Unit groups in Sales.

    • Template value is defaulted to Default unit.
  • Ensure that all products selling UOMs from Finance and Operations exist in Sales with the CDS picklists value.

  • Ensure that Price lists exist in Sales for each product sales currency in Finance and Operations.

  • Products can be created in Sales with status Draft or Active. This is controlled in System settings under Sales in Sales.

    • Products created with draft status need to be activated before they can be added to Quote or Sales order.

Template mapping in data integrator

The following illustrations show an example of a template mapping in data integrator.

template mapping in data integrator

template mapping for products in data integrator

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