Pick oldest batch on a mobile device

You can access the configuration Pick oldest batch via a mobile device menu and it allows you to force or warn warehouse workers to pick the oldest batch in their current location.

Where it applies

Pick oldest batch is configured on mobile device menu items and effects the pick for batch below items.

How to set up the configuration for Pick oldest batch

For items that are set to use existing work, Pick oldest batch can be set to None, Warn, or Force from a mobile device menu.

None: Workers will not receive any messages and they will be allowed to pick any batch in their location.

Warn and Force: A list of the batch(es) with the oldest expiration date will be displayed above the batch control when the worker selects a batch. If the location is license plate controlled, a list of license plates that have the oldest batch will be displayed above the license plate control.

  • Warn: If a worker chooses a license plate or batch that is not on the shown list, the control will be blanked and a warning will be shown that there is an older batch to select. To be allowed to continue the work, the worker can select the same license plate or batch again.
  • Force: Workers will continue to receive the message that there is an older batch to pick.