Embed PowerApps apps in Core HR


The PowerApps menu item has disappeared from the System administration module.


The user interface (UI) design has been changed, and Microsoft PowerApps is now included in the standard personalization model.


The way that PowerApps apps are embedded has been changed. PowerApps apps are now added through the personalization model. You can add PowerApps apps to almost all pages in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.

For information about how to embed PowerApps apps in Talent, see Embed PowerApps apps.

Any PowerApps customer who embedded apps before the change should have been upgraded to the new model.

The PowerApps button is in the upper-right corner of almost every page in Talent. You can use this button to insert a PowerApps app.

Here is an example.

  1. Go to Personnel management > Links > Workers > Employees.

  2. Select the PowerApps button, and then select Insert a PowerApp.

    PowerApps button

  3. Complete the fields in the Insert a PowerApp dialog box.

    Insert a PowerApp dialog box

Alternatively, follow these steps.

  1. On the page's Action Pane, on the Options tab, in the Personalize group, select Personalize this form.

    Personalize group on the Options tab

    The personalization toolbar appears.

  2. On the toolbar, select Insert > PowerApp.

    Insert a PowerApps app by using the personalization toolbar