Use workflows to manage employee information

This topic explains how you can use the workflow capability for Human resources to manage employee information. For example, you can associate a workflow with a position and configure an approval workflow that is started when employees change their record.

The workflow capability for Human resources provides numerous workflows for managing human resources activities. Additionally, numerous options are available so that you can modify specific workflows and associate them with a reporting hierarchy. Workflows are available to help manage changes to several standard types of employee information. You can associate a workflow with a position. Then, if employees change their employee record, a workflow is started that requires approval before the new information is saved. Workflows are predefined for the following types of information to help you efficiently manage changes and keep your employees’ data accurate:

  • Identification numbers
  • Courses
  • Education
  • Image
  • Loaned items
  • Professional experience
  • Project experience
  • Skills
  • Positions of trust
  • Human resources actions
  • Course registration

When employees are hired, transferred, or terminated, the workflow can include a review process. In this way, a document can be revised or the terms of an action can be defined as part of the workflow. When the review process is completed, the document or action is completed, and the workflow moves to a final approval step.

Associate a workflow with a position hierarchy

You can associate a workflow with any hierarchy that you configure. For example, if a position is associated with a matrix reporting hierarchy, you might configure a workflow that routes expenses for a specific project to the project lead instead of the manager of the employee who is associated with that position. To create a new workflow or modify an existing workflow, on the Human resources workflow page, click New. Select a workflow in the list to start the Workflow designer. You can use the designer to create a new workflow or change the steps in an existing workflow. When you change an existing workflow, your changes are saved as a new version. Therefore, you can always go back to a previous version if you have to.

Configure a Human resources workflow

To configure a basic workflow that is started when employees request changes to their personal identification, follow these steps.

  1. On the Human resources workflows page, click New.

  2. In the list of available workflows, select Identification numbers.

  3. Click Run to start the Workflow designer, and then enter your user name and password when you're prompted.

  4. Drag the Approve identification number element from the list of workflow elements to the designer canvas.

  5. Connect the approval element to Start and Finish.

  6. Double-click Approve element, and then right-click, and select Properties.

  7. Follow these steps to add work item instructions:

    1. Select Assignment, and then select Hierarchy under the assignment type.
    2. Under the Hierarchy selection, select Configurable hierarchy.
    3. Add a stop condition, and close the page.
  8. Complete any additional instructions (no additional warnings should exist).

  9. Click Save and close. Activate the new workflow when the dialog box opens, and select Make active.

  10. Go to Human Resources > Positions > Position hierarchy types.

  11. Select Matrix.

  12. Add the Worker identification number workflow to the list.