The <AttributeMatchPath> element can be utilized by a web control configuration to find the desired control on the currently loaded HTML document using the controls attributes. The "match path" is an ordered list of key/value pairs that is applied by iterating through every element in the HTML``Document Object Model (DOM), matching attributes along the nodes of the match path. Each key represents the name of the attribute to match, and the value is matched with the assigned attribute value in the HTML document. After a key/value is matched, the next key/value pair in the sequence is used to compare to each element in the DOM. Note that when keyn+1 = keyn, matching with the new key/value pair begins with the next element node in the DOM, not with the current node.

<AttributeMatchPath> syntax

The <AttributeMatchPath> element can be targeted at specific frames within an HTML application.

<AttributeMatchPath [framename=""|framesrc=""] [framematch="n"] [matchtype="equals|startswith|endswith|contains"]>  
<attributeName1 [matchtype= "equals|startswith|endswith|contains"]>  
<attributeName2 [matchtype= "equals|startswith|endswith|contains"]>  
<attributeNamen [matchtype= "equals|startswith|endswith|contains"]>  

<AttributeMatchPath> elements

The following table describes the elements of <AttributeMatchPath>

Element Description
Framename Matches the frame name of the IFrame.
Framesrc Matches the source of the IFrame.
Framematch Matches the nth one of the specified frame; default is 1.
Matchtype Specifies how the caption should be matched. Possible values are equals, startswith, endswith, or contains; any other value will throw an exception.

For example, if a web application has more than one frame with a given name, you can specify to search for the second or third frame of that name. The framematch attribute is not mandatory however is assumed to be 1 unless specified. If framematch is specified, framename or framesrc must be specified; otherwise, a "Frame not found" exception will be thrown.


If none of the AttributeMatchPath attributes are supplied, the operation will take place in the top-level window as if it were a frame. If both framename and framesrc are specified, framesrc has precedence.

In the following example, the matchtype is used on the attributeValueToMatch.


The following example shows a full attribute match path for a Test tag.

Page code:    
<Test FirstName='John' LastName='Smith'/>  
Match path used in control description:    


It is highly recommended that you use only ID and/or name as search attributes. The other attributes will have a negative impact on the performance.

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