Administration of web sites (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click System administration > Setup > Enterprise Portal > Web sites.

This form displays all the web sites in Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX that have been created and registered for the current company. Use this form to create new sites or delete existing sites. You can specify which site is used by developers and which site hosts Role Centers in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.

Tasks that use this form

Creating Enterprise Portal sites

View an Enterprise Portal Web site

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Register site

Integrate an existing SharePoint site, such as your corporate portal or team site, with Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can also use this button if you restored a SharePoint site from a backup. After you register the site, you can use Microsoft Dynamics AX web parts in the SharePoint site.

View in browser

Open the site in a web browser.

Create site

Enter a URL in the field and then click this button to create a new site that uses the Full (Web parts and site templates) Enterprise Portal template. For more information about creating sites, see Creating Enterprise Portal sites.

Reset encryption key

Use this option if you suspect that a malicious user is viewing Enterprise Portal pages by using a URL and an existing encryption key that they should not have rights to. All users currently connected to the Enterprise Portal site must close and re-open their browser.




Internal URL

The URL for intranet users.

External URL

The URL for external user access. The default URL for this site is the internal URL, but you can change it.

Anonymous access

Select this check box to allow anonymous users to access this site. By default, this option is selected for any sites that are created by using the Microsoft Dynamics Public template, which is designed for public Internet sites.

Website used for notifications, search, and AOT development

Specify which web site is used for deploying development changes to Enterprise Portal sites.

Website used to display Role Centers in the client

If your organization uses more than one site to host Enterprise Portal and Role Centers, specify which site should host Role Centers by clicking the globe button next to this field.

Enable encryption

Select this check box to enable URL encryption. URL encryption encrypts the RECID and TABLEID parameters in an Enterprise Portal URL. URL encryption is not Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

You might want to select this option if you have set up record-level security and you do not want users to change the record ID in a URL. If you do select this option, you should recommend that users not save URLs as Favorites because the URLs will expire.

Encryption expiration interval (days)

Specify the number of days that an encrypted URL is valid before expiring.

Resize image

Select this check box if you want images on web pages to comply with preset image sizes.

Image size (small)

Specify a standard size, in pixels, for small images.

Image size (large)

Specify a standard size, in pixels, for large images.

Maintain aspect ratio

Select this check box to make sure that image resizing does not change the image appearance.

Company independent

Select this check box if you want users to be able to toggle between companies by using the Company list at the top of Enterprise Portal web pages. If this check box is cleared, an Enterprise Portal site will display data for only one company. If this check box is cleared and your organization has multiple companies set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will have to create a separate Enterprise Portal site for each company.

Company accounts

Select the accounts that users can access from this site.


Select the type of each registered web site.

  • Full (Web parts and site templates) – A site that was created by using Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup or in SharePoint Central Administration that contains all Enterprise Portal web parts and uses either the Enterprise Portal template (for internal sites) or the Public template (for external sites)

  • Web parts only – An existing SharePoint site, a corporate portal or team site, that was registered in this form and includes Enterprise Portal web parts, but does not use an Enterprise Portal template.

If you change the type, register the site again by clicking Register site on the Overview tab.

Language dependent

Select this check box to have Enterprise Portal display text in a specific language. If you select this option, Enterprise Portal ignores the language specified for users on the Options form. Your business or organization must have purchased a license for the selected language. If you select this check box, you must restart Internet Information Services (IIS) on the Web server.

Report server - Use default configuration

Select this check box to have Enterprise Portal retrieve Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) data from the SSRS server configured when the administrator deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence and reporting. If you clear this option, you can select a different report configuration by using the Configuration ID list. If you select a new configuration in the list, you must restart IIS on the Web server. You can create new configurations on the Report servers form.

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