AIF Class Naming Conventions

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The following table lists the naming conventions for the Application Integration Framework (AIF) classes. If you are creating your own services, it is a best practice to follow these naming conventions.


The document class artifact is the top-level data object. It is referred to as the document class, but is also a data object.

Artifact type

Name description

Name generation rules


Document name

Name of the document

User-defined name describing the document


Service class

Name of the AIF service class

<Prefix> + <Document Name> + "Service"


Document class

Name of the X++ class for the root data object

<Prefix> + <Document Name>


Data objects

Name of the X++ class for the child data objects of the document class

<Root data object name> + "_" + <Query data source Name>

SalesSalesOrder_SalesTable, SalesSalesOrder_DocuRefHeader, SalesSalesOrder_DocuRefLine, SalesSalesOrder_InventDim, SalesSalesOrder_MarkupTransHeader, SalesSalesOrder_MarkupTransLine, SalesSalesOrder_SalesLine

AOT service node

Name of the AOT node for the service

<Prefix> + <Document Name> + "Service"


Service external name

Name of the service published to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

<Document Name> + "Service"


Table class names

Name of the Ax <Table> classes

"Ax" + query data source table name

AxSalesTable, AxInventDim, AxDocuRef, AxMarkupTrans, AxSalesLine


Name of the query

"Axd" + user-defined document name


Document class name

Name of the Axd <Document> class

Same name as the query


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