Set up the Signup page for unsolicited vendors

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

An unsolicited vendor is a vendor who does not currently do business with your company but wants to be considered as a potential vendor. These vendors can submit information about their companies by using the Signup page in the Unsolicited vendor portal. Your employees can search for vendors in the unsolicited vendor database. To work with one of these vendors, an employee must submit a new vendor request.

Before unsolicited vendors can sign up to be considered as potential vendors, the system administrator for your company must complete the following tasks:

Configure the Signup page for unsolicited vendors

You use the Unsolicited vendor registration request type to set up the Signup page for unsolicited vendors. You can create multiple profiles for this request type. This lets you customize the signup process based on the fields that are required for a specific country/region. For example, in a profile for France, you might require the vendor to provide their French Siret number during the signup process.

  1. Click Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Vendors > Vendor request configurations.

  2. In the Vendor request configurations form, in the Request type field, select Unsolicited vendor registration.

  3. Click New.


    If you do not click New, the changes that you make will affect the default Unsolicited vendor registration request type.

  4. On the Fields FastTab, indicate whether each business information field that appears in the list should be displayed, hidden, or required on the Signup page.

  5. On the Countries/regions FastTab, select the countries/regions to which the profile applies.


    • The country/region that is identified in the primary address for the vendor is used to determine which unsolicited vendor profile to display on the Signup page.

    • The default profile applies to all countries/regions that do not have a defined profile. Specific countries/regions cannot be selected for the default profile.

  6. If you want to display specific text to the vendor during the signup process, on the Content FastTab, select the Select to display defined text check box. Enter the text in the General text box. For example, this text might contain privacy and disclosure information that the vendor must acknowledge before completing the signup process.

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