Vendor invoice transactions report (VendInvoice)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The Vendor invoice transactions report displays Accounts payable vendor invoice transactions, sorted by the general ledger account that was charged on each line of the invoice.

How to filter the data on this report

When you generate this report, the following default parameters are displayed. You can use these parameters to filter the data that will be displayed on the report. For more information, see Filter the data on a report.



Dimension set

Select a financial dimension set for the report. These were defined in the Financial dimension sets form. A dimension set is a named group of accounts or dimensions that contains either account values for the account or dimension values for a single dimension. Examples include main accounts, departments, and cost centers, or combinations such as the cost center and main account, or the department and cost center.

For more information, see Financial dimension sets (form).

From date

Select the start of the date range for the posted vendor invoice transactions to include on the report.

To date

Select the end of the date range for the posted vendor invoice transactions to include on the report.

Invoice type

Select the type of invoice transactions to include on the report. You can select invoices that are open, paid, or both open and paid.

With transaction text

Select this check box to display a Description column on the report that identifies the document type and document ID.

Clear this check box to omit the Description column and instead include columns for the method of payment and cash discount date.


The Method of payment and Cash discount date fields are displayed on the Payment tab of the Vendor transactions form. Payment methods are set up in the Methods of payment - vendors form.

Vendor accounts

The selected vendor account or accounts whose transactions will be included on the report. Click Select to select vendor accounts.


Click Select and select Yes for the Approved field to include only approved vendor invoice transactions. For information about how invoices are approved, see Journal voucher - Vendor payment journal (form).


The selected vendor invoice or invoices that will be included on the report. Click Select to select vendor invoices.

How to work with reports

The following topics explain how to print a report and how to filter and sort the data on a report.

Details of this report

The following table explains where to find the report in the Application Object Tree (AOT) and how to navigate to the report in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.



Name of report in the AOT


Location of report in the AOT

SSRS Reports\Reports\VendInvoice

Menu item of the report


Navigation to the report

Click Accounts payable > Reports > Transactions > Invoice > Vendor invoice transactions.

Where the data in this report comes from

The data on this report comes from the following sources:

  • GeneralJournalAccountEntry table

  • GeneralJournalEntry table

  • LedgerEntry table

  • SubledgerVoucherGeneralJournalEntry table

  • VendInvoiceJour table

  • VendTable table

  • VendTrans table

  • VendInvoiceTmp table


To determine where the data in the temp table comes from, view the cross-references for the VendInvoiceDP.processReport class.

If you are a developer, you can learn more about where the data on a report comes from by using the following procedure.

  1. Open the AOT.

  2. Locate the report in the SSRS Reports\Reports node.

  3. Right-click the report and click Add-Ins > Cross-reference > Using (instant view).